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Junior Squad

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday (6-7:30pm)

Price: $25 per child

The Junior Squad program was created to introduce Table Tennis to kids and to develop not only their Table Tennis skills but also their hand-eye coordination, multitasking skills and reflexes. A simple forehand or backhand requires perfect motor skills from the player, with multiple parts of the body working together to hit and direct a small plastic sphere to one specific point on the other side of the table. Table Tennis can also greatly improve the physical and mental state of children with disabilities. Kids are still in their development stage in life and developing the skills this Olympic sport offers will greatly benefit their day to day life and speed up the process of maturity and discipline along with the other physical benefits. During the Junior Squad sessions we go through several warm up exercises and games to activate not only the body but also the mind as Table Tennis is a physical game and a highly technical game. After the warm up has been completed, the participants will start their “on-table” training where our coaches will teach them technique, footwork and a variety of other skills needed to play the sport accurately and efficiently. After this a “warm-down” will take place where participants will be instructed to complete stretches shown by our coaches to relax the muscles after an intense training session.

Senior Squad

Wednesday (7:30-9pm)

Price: $10 per person

 The Senior Squad program has been introduced for people above the age of 18 years. Table Tennis is a safe sport and a relaxing sport with substantial health benefits for adults. Sometimes as we get older our motor skills, muscles, hand-eye coordination and reflexes start to diminish and this can lead to several health problems which can be easily avoidable by simply practising these skills regularly. Our Senior Squad program offers expert coaching advice, “on-table” training and a chance to socialise with the help of Table Tennis. Whether it’s a Veteran Championship or a Company tournament or for pleasure and the health benefits, the Senior Squad program will help you achieve your health or tournament goals quickly and in an enjoyable manner.

Private Coaching

When: (depends on Player/Coach availability) (1 hour)

Price: $50 per person

The Private Coaching program exists to provide a 1-on-1 learning experience and a way to fast track your Table Tennis skills. Unlike our Squad programs where the coaches attention will be divided to accommodate each player, private coaching sessions will offer you the opportunity to have the coaches complete attention and expertise for a solid hour! These sessions can be used to rapidly improve your Table Tennis skills making it perfect for people who want to play Table Tennis professionally and participate in State/national tournaments taking their skills to the next level over and over again. During the session the participant will complete a quick warm up then move onto “on-table” training with 1-on-1 expert advice followed by a “warm-down” and feedback on the participants performance and what to improve/focus on.

Friday Night Socials

Friday (07:30-09:00PM)

Price: $10 per person

Friday night socials is a social event that is run with the purpose of spreading the awareness of Table Tennis. You will get a chance to make new connections with others and have a good time playing this beautiful sport. Come in and have a casual hit or an intense match with players from multiple different backgrounds and levels, it’s the perfect chance to ditch the electronic world or work and just enjoy the satisfying sound of the ball bouncing, speeding and spinning all over our state of the art German-made Table Tennis tables. If training is not quite your cup of tea, Friday Night Socials is the perfect match for you.

5 Week Socials Competition

Coming soon

Price: $55 per person

The 5 Week Socials Competition is an event that takes place twice a week for 5 weeks in a row. On Each day you will get the chance to compete against others in a best of 5’s match and other “special rule” matches like for example playing with your opposite hand. Every regular best of 5’s match you win will earn you 1 point and every “special rules” match you win will earn you 2 points. The aim for the entire 5 weeks is to earn the most points and the winner will receive a $200 cash prize. You can still however use this event to have a friendly hit with others.

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